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To the most perfect child that have ever graced this planet,
It's almost half a year since you've turned my fandom life around, and round and round.
I remember ignoring you back in 2009/2010 even though my friends were already flailing about you for being the ~YamaChii ~lovechild. IDK, you didn't seem to appeal to me back then, I guess! I didn't hate you, but I didn't like you either. ;;
But guess what, I'm happy that you were able to ninja your way into my mind when I was looking for something irrelevant with a friend. I can't imagine how I could've even remembered your name, that's how much I didn't care; but look at me now, modding your livejournal community and all. You've also successfully crawled your way onto my main fandom without much effort, you little rascal. I've made so much memories of being your fan in this short time.
I'll keep supporting you throughout your career! You are young but you have already shown so much potential to reach the highest top. Please, please, please stay humble and cute and don't grow up too soon. :'c And don't waste your tuition fee! Go to college and have a big dream. It may be my selfish wish for you, but we all know it'll come in handy someday.
neechan loves you! ;3;
from the girl who shares the same kanji 幸
Tags: #happy birthday

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